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DieselPunk paintings and sculptures


Dieselpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that combines the aesthetics of the diesel-based technology of the early 20th century with elements of either science fiction or fantasy. In the world of Yute and Tocuyo’s Imachinarium, its used as an aesthetic to express our capacity of reciclying and reconstruction but generally in pop culture (movies, video games, comic books, etc) is often characterized by a blend of Art Deco and retro-futuristic design and often incorporates post-war disillusionment and social upheaval themes.

In terms of artwork, dieselpunk often features a mixture of vintage and futuristic elements, focusing on mechanical and industrial design. Many dieselpunk artists draw inspiration from the World Wars and the interwar period, incorporating military and propaganda art elements into their work.  Some common themes in dieselpunk artwork include airships, armored vehicles, other forms of futuristic transportation, dystopian cityscapes, and other post-apocalyptic imagery.  Dieselpunk artwork is known for its unique blend of historical and futuristic elements and its ability to transport viewers to a familiar and profoundly imaginative world. This works perfectly for Yute and Tocuyos aesthetic because the characters exist in a universe (specifically located in the tumultuous Peru) which has survived a terrible cataclysmic event, probably caused by a massive nuclear explosion that wiped out humanity, Terminator style. Why this happened? And what is the main character’s role in reversing this situation?  


Dieselpunk Mammoth whale – Digital print on archival paper,594mm X 841mm, edition of 10

The retro flying mammoth whale is a huge dieselpunk robot machine designed and built by Yute (front sit) and Tocuyo (directing its tail for direction) to fly long extensions of the Imachinarium’s territory. Yute and Tocuyo’s work was initially powered by diesel energy, but because of its limited production and the need of a longer life extension, this machine migrated to an atomic source: the emoji-bombs. 

“The Retro-Orion dieselpunk Mechamorph”

Digital print on archival paper,420mm X 594mm, edition of 20

This massive robot is inspired in a Custer, from the Orion transportation line in Peru’s chaotic public transportation systems. The Retro Orion is commanded by the terrible and lunatic Atomic Rabbit, the agent of mischief and chaos in  Yute and Tocuyo’s Imachinarium.

The Atomic Rabbit is crazy as Batman’s Joker, but although he seems irrational, there is a method to his madness, and he has an ulterior plan. Do not take him lightly. The Retro Orion, its influenced by the Optimus Prime character from the Transformers TV show, and current (awful) movies.

“The Retro-truck Dieselpunk mechamorph”

Digital print on archival paper,420mm X 594mm, edition of 20

The “volquete” its a classical truck that you’ll find all around the country. It circulates on top of whichever street it needs to go to carry its load. Yute and Tocuyo have built this powerful mechamorph from the scraps of thousands of pieces of “volquetes” al around the Imachinarium to help them move the trash out of their workshop.

Digital print on archival paper,297mm X 420mm, edition of 40

This dieselpunk super engine vehicle was designed and built by the two characters to test velocity and acceleration in the Imachinarium. As Yute is obsessed with numbers and Tocuyo obsessed with speed, both made from the junk around to test their obsessions. The result: They went from 0 to 100km/h and 5.5 seconds.  

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